Patient information

Preparation for your first visit.

Gather all medical documents and radiology scans pertaining to your current problem and have them with you when you come to your appointment.

  • Referral letter from your GP or specialist
  • Radiology & pathology reports
  • Ultrasound scans
  • CT, MRI and nuclear medicine scans
  • Medicare, pension and/or private health insurance cards (if applicable)
  • A list of your current medications including dosage and frequency
  • If you are a Workcover or TAC patient please bring a letter of approval or a valid claim number.

It’s a good idea to compile a list of questions that you wish to ask Mr. Chris Lu.

What to expect.

During the initial consultation, a complete history and examination directed at the presenting complaint will be undertaken.

This is followed by reviewing relevant pathology and radiology results if already available, or such tests being requested.

In most cases Mr. Chris Lu will discuss the treatment plan with you. However, it is sometimes not possible to formulate a definitive treatment plan if further information is required or a period of observation is best for the patient.

Most surgical procedures will require a hospital booking except in the case of skin lesions which can sometimes be removed under local anaesthesia. Such a minor procedure usually cannot be done during the initial consultation and will require a subsequent appointment.


You are most welcome to bring a family member or friend to the consultation. An additional person will often ask questions that you may not think of, or remember certain aspects of the consultation later on that you may not have.

Medical Certificates

You most definitely can ask for one during your consultation

Opening hours

Monday to Friday


Saturday and Sunday


Public Holidays



Essendon Specialists, 294 Buckley Street, Essendon VIC 3040


There is a carpark at the rear of the building assessible via a side driveway

Alternatively, there is street parking on Buckley Street or nearby Hedderwick Street, Aberdeen Street or Vida Street

Public Transport

Essendon Specialists is accessible by bus 465 and bus 903 on Buckley Street at the door step, bus 483 on Lincoln Road (5-minute walk), bus 475 on Hedderwick Street (5-minute walk), bus 468 and bus 467 on Alma Street (5-minute walk).

Nearby Essendon Train Station/Bus Exchange is a 10 minutes’ walk and provides further options for patients travelling by train on Craigieburn line or Shepparton/Seymore Vline, tram 59 and bus 477, 501 and 510

More consulting locations

St. Vincent Private Hospital Werribee, 240 Hoppers Lane, Werribee (Find Here)

Lake Imaging Consulting Suites, 15-17 Horne Street, Sunbury (Find Here)

Specialist Consulting Suites, 10 Turner Street, Bacchus Marsh (Find Here)

Gisborne Medical Centre, 16 Brantome Street, Gisborne (Find Here)

Werribee Mercy Hospital, 300 Princes Highway, Werribee (Find Here)

Private Hospital Locations

St. Vincent Private Hospital Werribee, 240 Hoppers Lane, Werribee 3030 Ph 92188000 (Find Here)

John Fawkner Private Hospital, 275 Moreland Road, Coburg 3018 Ph: 93852500 (Find Here)

Western Private Hospital, 1-9 Marion Street, Footscray 3011 Ph: 93183177 (Find Here)

Hobsons Healthcare, 566 Melton Highway, Sydenham 3037 Ph: 83616400 (Find Here)

Public Hospital Locations

Werribee Mercy Hospital (Mercy Health), 300 Princes Highway, Werribee 3030 Ph: 87543000 (Find Here)

Bacchus Marsh Hospital (Djerriwarrh Health), 29-35 Grant Street, Bacchus Marsh 3340 Ph: 53672000 (Find Here)

Fees and charges

Our doctors are members of the Australian Medical Association (AMA). The AMA is a professional association representing the professional interest of doctors and the health care needs of patients and communities. The AMA provides an annual list of medical services and the recommended fees. The fees are considered to be reasonable when taking into account the running costs of a medical practice and the level of training required (please see AMA position statement on medical fees below). Under most circumstances, our fees are based on the AMA recommendations.

Consultation as a private patient

Consultations in private incur an out of pocket expense. Patients who are eligible for Medicare will have part of the fees reimbursed to them from Medicare.

Private health insurance does not cover the cost of a consultation. The fees are the same for insured and uninsured patients.

Patients who are covered under Workcover and TAC are required to pay for their initial visit. Part of the fee is reimbursed by Workcover and TAC. Patients will have some out of pocket expenses due to ​a significant time and work required to support patients in the approval process if treatment is required.

Consultation as a public patient

Mr. Chris Lu and Mr. Mohammad Rafique consult at The Werribee Mercy Hospital. Patients who are eligible for medicare do not have an out of pocket expense for the consultation. However, the waiting time for an appointment in a public hospital can be around 12 months.

Surgical fees

Patients who have taken out private health insurance can have their treatment as a private patient in hospital with the majority of the costs covered by their health fund.

An excess is usually paid by the patient for an admission to hospital. The amount is stipulated by their health fund.

The health fund will then usually cover the cost of the hospital admission, theatre fees, and costs of implants used during the procedure. These costs are substantial and constitute the majority of the overall cost of treatment.

The doctors’ fees are sometimes not fully covered by the health funds. For this reason, an out of pocket expense is incurred by the patient to cover the shortfall between the health fund rebate and the doctors’ fees. For a surgical procedure, the following medical practitioners are usually involved in treatment.

  • The surgeon performing the operation
  • The assistant surgeon
  • The Anaesthetist

We provide our patients with a close estimate of the costs involved. However, we do not set the fees charged for the anaesthetist or assistant surgeon.